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The Alan Lennox Boyd Memorial Trust
administered by
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Foundation
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The Alan Lennox Boyd Memorial Trust (ALBMT) was established in 1984 to support a variety of causes, mainly in the Commonwealth, in the general areas of tropical medicine and health care, agriculture and international exchanges and scholarships.  Following a decision to focus on a particular field of interest, namely botanic gardens in Commonwealth countries, the Alan Lennox Boyd Memorial Trust was transferred to 'Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Foundation' in August 1996.  The Kew Foundation agreed with the trustees to use the funds to administer a programme to support botanic gardens and other botanic institutions in Commonwealth countries overseas.  The income, and as necessary the capital, of the trust funds would be used to -

Help students and staff from botanic gardens or other botanic institutions in Commonwealth countries overseas to come to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to attend courses or undertake research or other work in departments in RBG, Kew.  Emphasis would be placed upon those whose visits would bring about most benefit to the countries concerned.

Fund one or more experts from RBG, Kew to visit Commonwealth countries to teach students there and from surrounding countries on subjects related to the work of Botanic Gardens.

Assist botanic gardens in Commonwealth countries with the purchase of books, the publication of research papers and other like activities.

The funds are now held and administered through the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Foundation.

Applications for Awards

The following areas will be deemed acceptable as proposals for funding -

Applications from students and staff from botanic gardens or other botanic institutions in Commonwealth countries overseas, for the funding of all or part of costs for attendance on a Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew course.

Requests for funds to cover the cost of attendance at Kew, by a student or staff member from a botanic garden or other botanic institution in a Commonwealth country overseas, as an intern in a Kew department, or as a research worker for a period of up to six months.

Applications by Kew staff who have had a request to act as a lecturer / facilitator on training courses / workshops within Commonwealth countries, to cover the cost of their attendance.

Requests from botanic gardens and like institutes, in Commonwealth countries, to support the cost of relevant resource materials (e.g. equipment) / publication of materials to assist in the delivery of key conservation / education activities.

Procedure for submitting Funding Applications

A call for applications will go out annually on behalf of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the Kew VISTA and from the Kew Website.  Notice of availability of scholarships will also be mentioned in appropriate course brochures and other materials.  The closing date for applications is normally at the end of January.

Applications from Kew staff should be cleared through the appropriate Line Management for approval (and this should be attached) and then sent to Mrs G Bromley for processing, before the closing date for the applications.  Letters received into Kew Departments requesting appropriate scholarship funding, and which meet the above criteria, should also be sent to Mrs Bromley.

External applications should be sent to Mrs Gail Bromley at the contact address given below.

Applications will be assessed by the ALBMT Committee in February or March each year.

Format for Applications

Applications should be on one sheet of A4 and typed.  They should include the name and botanical institute and postal address, job title, telephone/fax and e-mail of the person who is applying for funding.  It should state the country which will benefit and the name of the course, training programme, internship, workshop or details of the resource, for which funding is sought; the full cost of the activity / resource; sum required to meet costs (i.e. either full costs or partial funding); other possible funding sources / funds secured (where applicable); benefits to applicant of course / workshop / resource; benefits to country where applicant is based / where Kew Staff will lecture/ or provide training / where resource will be located.

As a guideline, it is expected that funds will be sufficient to fund annually up to -

3 students requiring full funding for course / workshop / internship attendance at RBG, Kew.

or . . .

6-8 students requiring partial funding for course / workshop attendance at RBG, Kew.

or . . .

A number of resource grants / publication cost funds ranging from 500 to 3,000.

All applications, with line management endorsement where relevant (i.e. internal applications from Kew), will be forwarded to a select Senior Management group (who make up the ALBMT Committee) for awarding.

Applicants will be notified of the decisions in writing.

Contact details
Mrs Gail Bromley MBE FLS
Education Development Manager
   & International Consultant
       for Biodiversity Education
Postal Address      Royal Botanic Gardens
Surrey  TW9 3AB
Fax 0208 332 5640
Web Site http://www.kew.org/
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