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This web site is jointly "owned" by the grant-making organisations listed on the Home page, and is funded by the Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust and the Royal Horticultural Society.  It was designed and built on a voluntary basis by Erythos Graphics who, as Webmaster, also maintain it.

The information here was compiled initially by the Institute of Horticulture, but has been added to since that time.  It is offered free of charge and may be copied for private use, but please note that all resources on this Site are copyright reserved.


All questions relating to grant-making organisations and their web sites, and to their grants, bursaries, etc., should always be directed to the organisations concerned.

All queries regarding this web site (technical matters, reporting dead links, etc.) should be sent by email to the .

Legacies and Donations

Individuals or organisations wishing to provide legacies, scholarships or funds to existing grant-making organisations are asked to contact those organisations direct.

Inclusion on this Site

For advice regarding the possible inclusion on this site of other suitable organisations, either for listing as a grant-making organisation or for addition to the list of links to other sites of interest, please contact Dr Henry Oakeley by email at .

Linking to this Site

Organisations with horticultural interests are very welcome to include a link to this site on their web sites.

The URL http://www.grantsforhorticulturists.org.uk should always be used for such links.  If a logo or graphic device is required for association with the link, the following is offered . . .

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