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The David Colegrave Foundation
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The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) supports the development of the ornamental horticultural industry in the UK by offering multiple scholarships to those who are set on a career in horticulture.  Opportunities are open to students completing horticultural courses in the UK, as well as former students who are in the early days of their horticultural career.

Scholarships on offer include student awards as well as several others that are sponsored by major horticultural companies; in addition to funding, these can provide work placements and the chance to travel.  Further support is also given at request to students and colleges for the organisation and funding of educational trips.

To apply for a scholarship or find out more, please contact the Foundation or visit its web site as detailed below.

Contact details
Postal Address      David Colegrave Foundation
The Horticultural Trades Association
Horticulture House
19 High Street
Telephone 01189 303132
Web Site http://davidcolegravefoundation.org.uk
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