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Kent Horticultural Bursary is an organisation whose goal is to encourage all aspects of horticultural study and in particular to promote this by means of an annual award of a bursary of up to 1000.  The Bursary is funded by the Kent Horticultural Discussion Group, which supports professional development in the horticultural industry and provides a social forum to share ideas and information.  East Malling Research (EMR), a leading R&D organisation, has hosted the group since its outset.

Applications may be made by individuals or groups and a single annual award will be granted.  The award can be for a study tour, project or piece of research work in any area of horticulture and applications will be judged for their long-term educational and community merits.

Applications for the Kent Horticultural Bursary are now open.  Applications must include a fully planned and costed proposal and be received by 5 p.m. on 1 September.  Further information and application forms for the bursary are available on the website.

Contact details
Postal Address      Kent Horticultural Bursary
c/o Olga Grant
East Malling Research
New Road
East Malling
Kent  ME19 6BJ
Telephone 01732 843833
Fax 01732 849067
Web Site http://www.kenthb.org.uk/
This page was last updated on 3 August 2009