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Orchid Care Scholarship

This is the one exception (so far) to this web site's general rule to restrict its scope to UK-domiciled awarding organisations.  Orchids Made Easy is US-based, but has assured us that its scholarships are awarded regardless of the applicant's location or country of residence.  Given that suitable UK applicants are eligible, we are pleased to include it here.

The Orchid Care Scholarship is an annual award to a qualified undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a programme in Botany, Environmental Science, Conservation, Horticulture, or related field, with a focus on orchids.  Its purpose is to advance the study of orchids and orchid care.  The Scholarship consists of an award of US$500, with up to three awards being granted in each academic year.

The cut-off date for applications is 1
st May each year.  Click here for more information on the Scholarship and to view and download its application form.

Contact details
Ryan Levesque
Orchids Made Easy Scholarship
Postal Address      4500 Williams Drive
Ste. 212-311
Texas 78633
United States of America
E-Mail   (Subject: Scholarship)
Web Site http://www.orchidsmadeeasy.com/

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