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The Professional Gardeners' Trust was established in 2004 to fund training and study for working gardeners in the UK and Ireland.

It provides gardeners with the opportunity to acquire skills and gain qualifications through part-time courses and work placements.  This enhances their careers and benefits the horticulture profession as a whole.


The Professional Gardeners' Trust helps gardeners gain certificates in practical horticulture and use of horticultural equipment.

The Trust is able to support gardeners to gain experience through work placements in other gardens.

It helps fund gardeners study for horticulture courses and modules.  It can also help with training in other areas like management studies, conference attendance, IT or presentation skills.


Awards are available for all working gardeners.  There is no age discrim- ination, nor restriction by qualification or membership of a particular organisation.

It is easy to apply to the Professional Gardeners' Trust and we respond within a few weeks of application.  Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.


The Trust is funded by donations from horticultural trusts and organisations, private individuals and subscription contributions from Professional Gardeners' Guild members.

To make a donation to the Professional Gardeners' Trust or to help with our appeal, please contact Anna Matthews at .

Contact details
Postal Address      Helen Seal
The Professional Gardeners' Trust
8 Tenison Avenue
Telephone 07876 775266   (outside working hours)
Web Site http://www.pgtrust.org/
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